Can you benefit from cosmetic dentistry?

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to help you improve the appearance of your teeth and smile, so you can feel happy, healthy, and confident. While most treatments that fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry are focused on aesthetics, they can also help protect the health and function of your teeth and your entire mouth. As you might imagine, even the smallest improvements to your smile can yield big results when it comes to confidence and self-esteem. With the help of cosmetic dentistry, patients no longer have to be embarrassed about their smile or try to hide their imperfect teeth. Here are just a few common cosmetic dentistry procedures that can improve your smile and your oral health while also changing your outlook on life.


Do you want to enjoy straighter teeth but don’t want to deal with visible braces that can be painful? Invisalign clear aligners are perfect for patients of all ages and allow you to enjoy a personalized treatment plan that uses the latest technology to improve your smile.

In the past, creating molds of your teeth involved goopy putty that was uncomfortable. You would have to sit patiently as the molding material dried, and this process would have to be repeated each time your teeth shifted. Today, Invisalign uses an iTero Element scanner to quickly capture digital images of your teeth that can be turned into a 3D image. This data is then used to create a roadmap for straightening your teeth over time. Every detail and shift is perfectly planned out in order to reduce the amount of force necessary, which also helps to eliminate pain as your teeth are moved into place.

Finally, advanced printing technology is used to generate an aligner that perfectly fits your teeth, so you can begin the realignment process. The approach creates a better fit, which won’t aggravate your gums, and helps to support more accurate movement. Ultimately, this can cut down on treatment time and provide you with a better smile than you might achieve with braces.

During your treatment, you will be able to live life normally, and no one will be able to tell that you are wearing an aligner. All you will have to worry about is brushing and cleaning your aligners and visiting the dentist every six to eight weeks to evaluate your progress and pick up your next set of aligners. You won’t have to stress about spending too much time at the doctor, and in no time at all, you can enjoy a better smile that leaves you feeling confident.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are another cosmetic dentistry treatment that offers a simple and painless way to dramatically improve your smile. Veneers consist of a piece of porcelain that is bonded directly to the surface of the tooth. If you have chipped, uneven, worn, or discolored teeth, veneers can be used to create a customized treatment. This single procedure can not only fill in gaps but also create a whiter, brighter smile. It is one of the most dramatic ways to transform your entire smile.

Applying veneers typically takes two visits to the dentist. The first visit will involve evaluating your teeth, discussing your options, deciding on a course of action, and taking some steps toward preparing your teeth. Some veneers require that a small amount of the surface of your tooth is removed. Once this process has been completed, the dentist will take a mold of your teeth. In about two weeks, you should be ready to return for your second visit, during which you will have your custom veneers attached using a special cement that is hardened using ultraviolet light.

Porcelain veneers provide a relatively quick way to significantly improve your smile. In addition, porcelain is a highly durable and stain-resistant material, so your smile will continue to look great for years to come. You can brush and floss your teeth normally, and you won’t have to worry about constant follow-up treatments.

Dental Bonding

For those who have a chipped tooth, a pronounced gap, or limited discoloration, dental bonding is a simple and painless way to improve your smile’s appearance. While veneers are ideal for more extensive restorations, dental bonding is better for simple repairs. In some cases, the dentist may have to remove some enamel to reshape the tooth or provide a rough surface to better receive the bonding material. Numbing agents can be used to eliminate any discomfort, making this an essentially painless procedure that can be completed in just one visit.

Dental bonding uses a resin material that is matched to the natural color of your teeth and placed in trouble areas to cover stains or fill in gaps. The dentist will be able to create a smooth and natural finish for a seamless look that instantly restores your smile. As a final step, the resin is dried and hardened using an ultraviolet light for a strong bond that will last. While you may want to have your bonding touched up periodically throughout your lifetime, this solution is relatively maintenance free.

Teeth Whitening

If achieving a whiter smile is your main goal, the GLO teeth whitening system is the perfect cosmetic dentistry solution for you. This treatment can whiten your teeth by 3 to 11 shades and provide you with a beautiful smile you will be proud to show off. The GLO system uses heat, light, and a special gel containing hydrogen peroxide that absorbs into your teeth for whitening that goes below the surface. All it takes is a series of eight-minute treatments to experience lasting results. It is perfect for anyone who has experienced sensitivity with other products. You won’t experience any discomfort, and you won’t have to spend hours in the chair. In no time at all, you can transform your smile and feel more confident than ever before.

Cosmetic dentistry is designed to help you improve imperfections that can eat away at your self-esteem and make you self-conscious. You will be amazed at how simple, inexpensive, and painless it can be to make corrections that will impact the way you look and feel. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry procedures and how they can improve your smile, call Triangle Family Dental today.