Everything You Need to Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

Do you find yourself hiding your smile or covering your mouth in social situations because you are self-conscious about your stained or discolored teeth? If so, there is good news: You don’t have to continue to be unhappy with your smile. There are affordable and customizable solutions that will allow you to whiten your teeth and feel more confident about your smile. If you are ready to add some sparkle to your smile, now is the time. Here are all the facts you need to know about available professional teeth whitening options.

Fact #1: There is a variety of teeth whitening treatments to fit your needs.

You have probably seen plenty of teeth whitening strips and gels advertised in stores, but teeth whitening tools and options go far beyond at-home kits. Dentists can use modern tools and techniques to provide impressive results that can not only brighten your smile but also fill in gaps and address areas of discoloration. Here are just a few available treatments that you should discuss with your dentist:

Porcelain Veneers

This is a great option for patients who want to correct chipped teeth and fill in gaps between teeth while also creating a whiter smile. Essentially, porcelain veneers consist of super thin shells that are custom-designed to be placed over the front of your teeth. The veneers are bonded in place and can be used to transform the shape and color of your teeth. This allows you to improve your entire smile and create a natural appearance with a material that will be stain resistant. Veneers offer a less invasive approach to correcting your smile and increasing whiteness than other treatments.

GLO Whitening

This treatment uses LED light, heat, and specially formulated hydrogen peroxide to provide a fast and effective treatment. Patients won’t have to go through the process of having custom trays made for their teeth, and GLO offers a pain-free treatment that is perfect for anyone with tooth sensitivity. The GLO system utilizes a universal mouthpiece that can accomodate any patient. There is no need for multiple visits, and you will spend less time in the chair. In fact, the total treatment time is just 32 minutes. During that short amount of time, you can improve your teeth by 3 to 11 shades.

After you have received your in-office GLO treatments, you can use the at-home products to supplement your teeth whitening efforts. If you feel like your teeth could use a refresher, the Pro Take Home Whitening Kit and Pro Strength GLO vials can be used to instantly brighten your smile without having to go to the dentist. You can easily maintain your smile and continue to experience the benefits of the GLO system from the comfort of your own home.


Veneers and GLO teeth whitening are great options if you want to improve the whiteness of all your teeth. However, if you have one or two teeth that have become discolored, bonding may be your best course of action. Oftentimes, a single tooth can change color if it has experienced some sort of trauma, including receiving a crown or other dental work or sustaining an injury. Bonding is a material that can be applied directly to the surface of your teeth and is customized to match the color of your other teeth. This is another quick and painless way to achieve a consistent smile that will improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Fact #2: Every treatment is totally customizable.

When you meet with your dentist to discuss professional teeth whitening options, you will discuss your personal goals. From there, you will work together to create a custom treatment plan that will allow you to meet those goals. Whether you want to brighten your smile by a few shades or you are looking for more dramatic results, an experienced dentist will be able to evaluate your existing oral health, make recommendations, and help create an effective plan of action.

Fact #3: Teeth whitening can be affordable.

The right dentist will consider both your aesthetic goals and your financial comfort level when it comes to designing the right teeth whitening plan for you. If you are on a budget but don’t want to put off improving your smile any longer, there are ways to start treatment without breaking the bank. Be sure to ask your dentist about which options are most affordable and if they offer any payment plans.

Fact #4: In-office teeth whitening is most effective.

A lot of patients want to try to save money by investing in at-home teeth whitening kits. While these can help brighten your teeth, they aren’t as potent as the products dentists use. At-home products typically include 10% hydrogen peroxide, which is the active ingredient that is able to get deep into the tooth for lasting results. At this level of concentration, you will eventually notice a brighter smile after using the kits for a couple months.

However, in-office treatments that are administered by dentists offer a concentration of 30% hydrogen peroxide. This potency helps to provide better results in less time. A dentist will also take precautions to protect your gums, so you don’t experience any discomfort or sensitivity. Those at-home kits aren’t as precise and will affect your gums and potentially cause sensitivity. In addition, the cost of purchasing in-home kits and refills can add up. If you are trying to cut costs, you may be better off investing in professional teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening treatments are now more affordable and effective than ever before. There is no need to continue to be embarrassed about your smile. To learn more about teeth whitening options and to get answers to all your questions, contact the team at Triangle Family Dental. We can help you find the best treatment option that will allow you to meet all your goals while also taking your budget into account. Get started today!