Snakes, spiders, heights, and professional dental care—what do these four items have in common? They are all things that commonly cause anxiety. We understand that dental anxiety is not unusual, and that’s why Triangle Family Dentistry takes every measure to put our patients at ease and offer true Comfort Dentistry.

We realize that there does not have to be a true threat to cause a person anxiety. For example, many people fear to look out of a high window even when there is no real danger of falling. So, even though most dentists strive to provide their patients with a painless experience, it is understandable that dental anxiety is widespread. In fact, up to 30% of patients forgo or delay dental treatment due to anxiety about procedures or possible resulting discomfort.

How do we provide state-of-the-art Comfort Dentistry?

At Triangle Family Dentistry, we have invested much time and effort to make sure our patients are as comfortable as possible at all times. We achieve this goal through our advanced technology and training. Patient comfort and safety are the highest priorities for our team, and each of our team members is fully dedicated to constant gentleness and genuine concern for you

Local Anesthetic

Of course, a local anesthetic is a large part of our approach to Comfort Dentistry. This is the anesthetic that causes portions of your mouth to become numb without producing a general sedating effect. We are always careful to use sufficient local anesthetic with any procedure that could cause discomfort, even when sedation is also being used.

Additionally, our team will check you for adequate numbness before beginning any treatment or procedure. We take your comfort seriously, and we will never perform any treatment until you are ready.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is one of our chief methods of keeping you comfortable. Our practice is certified to offer sedation dentistry that will keep you relaxed and anxiety-free during your evaluation examination and treatment. Sedation uses is often in the form of oral medications to that relieve dental phobia but allow you to remain conscious during treatment. However, some patients find themselves so relaxed that they fall asleep until their dental work is complete!

For more complex procedures or for patients suffering from severe dental anxiety, we can provide IV sedation. This service is ideal if you find that local anesthetic is often not sufficient for you. It could also help if you have difficulty remaining still during dental treatment. Under the watchful eye of our dentists, assistants, and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA), you’ll be given sedating medication directly into your bloodstream.

IV sedation does not put you completely “under” like general anesthesia. However, it does have a profound sedating and relaxing effect. You may fall asleep after receiving IV sedation, and patients sometimes do not remember any of the procedure once sedation is reversed.

Your safety is paramount to us, so your dentist will always thoroughly review your medical condition before IV sedation. Furthermore, we constantly monitor your vital signs, and our highly trained and certified nurse anesthetists administer your sedation and keep watch over you throughout.

Other Measures

Besides sedation and anesthetic, we also use advanced technology in other ways to ensure your comfort. For example, we provide televisions, unlimited Wi-Fi, entertainment from Netflix, and music from Pandora for a pleasant distraction from dental treatment.

Even our instruments are designed for your peace of mind. Our fiber-optic handpieces don’t use air and are more efficient than the old-fashioned approach for greater comfort and reduced treatment times. As comfortable as our office is, we understand that you want to minimize your time in the treatment chair!

To that end, we also employ Cavitron ultrasonic scalers. These highly efficient devices also cut down on treatment times while providing your dental team with precise control. In other words, there’s less discomfort during your professional cleaning, and you get to go home faster.

Discover the truth of our Comfort Dentistry and our commitment to patient care for yourself. Schedule your appointment at Triangle Family Dental now.